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Configure Settings: Procore iOS App

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To access and configure settings on an iOS device.


  1. Tap the Settings icon-settings-gear-ios.png icon.

See steps for the following sections:

Project Settings

Sync (Drawings)

Note: This setting is only available for projects that are not using drawing areas. See What are Drawing Areas?

  1. Tap Sync.
  2. Choose one of the following options for downloading drawings to your device:
    • Current Drawings Only (Recommended)
    • Manually Selected Only 


Manage Storage
  1. Tap Manage Storage. 
    Note: See How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device? 
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap the project or projects you want to delete cached data for.
  4. Tap Delete Cached Data.
  5. Tap OK to confirm.
  6. Tap Settings to go back.
Manage Photo Storage
  1. Tap Photo Storage.
  2. Tap the toggle ON/OFF for Save Photos to Camera Roll.


Upload Queue
  1. Tap Upload Queue to see any queued uploading items.
  2. Optional: Tap Edit to remove items from the upload queue.
    • Tap the remove icon next to the item you want to delete, then tap Delete.
    • Tap Delete to confirm.
      Tap Cancel.
Upload Photos on WiFi Only
  1. Tap the toggle ON/OFF for Upload Photos on WiFi Only.
Photo Upload Quality

To improve sync times and data usage, Procore will automatically select a small file size for uploaded photos and attachments. Follow the steps below to change the default setting:

  1. Tap Photo Upload Quality.
  2. Tap Default or Best.
    Note: Selecting Best may cause uploads to take longer and cause the app to use more data on your device.
  3. Tap Settings to go back.


Change Push Notification Settings

Push Notifications are alerts that appear on your iOS mobile device's lock screen and notification center. If you want to enable or disable push notifications, go to the Settings tool on your iOS mobile device, and then locate Procore to change the settings under Notifications.

  1. Tap Change Push Notification Settings.
  2. To enable one or more of the following notifications, tap the corresponding toggle to the 'ON' position.
    • Drawing Published: Enable this option to receive alerts when new drawings are published and distributed.
      Note: To receive push notifications for Drawings Revisions, you must be subscribed to the Drawings log. See Subscribe to the Drawings Log.
    • RFI Ball in Court (BIC) Shift: Enable this option to receive alerts when an RFI shifts to your Ball in Court.
    • Photo Uploaded: Enable this option to receive alerts when a new photo is uploaded to the project's Photo's tool. 
      Note: To receive push notifications for Photos Uploaded, you must be subscribed to the Photos tool. See Subscribe to Photos.
    • Photo Comment Mention: Enable this option to receive alerts when you have been mentioned in a photo's comment.
    • RFI Reassigned: Enable this option to receive alerts when an RFI has been reassigned.
    • Announcement Received: Enable this option to receive alerts when you have received a message through the Announcements tool.
    • Observations Assigned: Enable this option to receive alerts when you have been assigned an observation.

Once you've enabled push notifications for one or more of the above features, tap Allow to confirm this decision with your mobile device's Settings.
Note: You will now receive push notifications in your iOS device's notification center.

Pending Upload Badge
  1. Tap the toggle ON/OFF for Pending Upload Badge.
    Note: When enabled, a badge with the number of pending uploads will be displayed next to the Upload Queue.

Support & Feedback

  1. Tap Report Issue to send device specific feedback via email to and
    • If this option is not available, check to make sure you have configured your device's mail settings, which can be found in your device's configurations. Once there, check to make sure you have an active email account applied and that the mail option is enabled.
  2. Tap Call Support to contact Procore Support via phone.
  3. Tap User Guides to access Procore Mobile (iOS) articles on the Procore Support website.
  4. Tap Release Notes to view a list of recent changes by release.
  5. Tap Please Rate on App Store to rate the Procore app.


  1. Tap Login Preference.
  2. Select a login option to select from the following options:
    • Yes, always auto-login: Tap this option to enable the Procore app to cache your password and automatically log you in.
    • No, always ask for password: Tap this option to disable the Procore app from caching your password and automatically logging you in.
  3. Tap Continue to save your preferences.


  1. Tap Privacy Policy to access a webpage containing Procore's Privacy Policy.


  1. Tap Logout to log out of Procore's mobile app.
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