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Take and Add Photos to an Album with the Camera Tool (iOS)

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To take and add photos with the Camera tool on an iOS mobile device.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Camera tool on an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap the Album bar to select the album to which you want to save your photo(s).
    Note: If no album is selected, the photo(s) will save to the album 'Unclassified' by default.

  3. Position your camera and tap the shutter release button to take the desired photo(s).
    Note: This action automatically captures and saves the photo(s) to your project.
  4. Optional: Tap the image thumbnail to perform the following tasks:
    • Delete: Select this option to delete your photo.
      Note: Only 'Admin' level users on the Photos tool can delete a photo.
    • Details:  Select this option to add details to the photo by entering the following information:
      • Description: Enter a relevant description for the photo.
      • Location: Associate a location with the photo.
      • Album: Add the photo to the appropriate album.
      • Trade: Associate a trade with the photo.
      • Private: Tap the toggle to the ON position to mark the photo as 'Private.'
    • Mark up: Select this option to add to markups to a photo. For a list of markup tools and their descriptions, see Mark up a Photo (iOS).
      Note: When add markups to a photo, will save both the marked up photo and the original, unmodified photo.
  5. Tap Close to exit the camera.

Next Steps

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