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Where is the 'Division' in the 'Cost Code' segment in Procore's WBS?


In legacy versions of Procore, there was a 'Division' option in the Filter menu of the project's Budget tool. After the release of Work Breakdown Structure, long time Procore users might notice that the 'Division' option is no longer listed in the Group or Filter menus. In addition, the 'Division' column is also no longer showing in the project's budget. 


In Procore's Work Breakdown Structure, the 'Cost Code' segment is a tiered segment. See What is the difference between a flat and tiered segment in Procore's WBS? By default, individual cost codes are now segment items in Procore's default 'Cost Code' segment.

As in previous versions of Procore, the default 'Cost Code' segment in WBS continues to align with the codes in the 17 Division MasterFormat from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).  However, because of Procore's flexible tiered segment structure, the 'Division' field is no longer separate from the 'Cost Code' field. Instead, the 'Divison' is simply the first tier in the 'Cost Code' tiered segment structure. In addition, since the 'Division' concept originates from the MasterFormat, Procore's new 'Cost Code Tier 1' nomenclature allows Procore customers in the United States and other countries to align their organization's budget code structure to their specific classification system, which may use an alternative organization and taxonomy (for example, OmniClass, UniFormat, Uniclass, and other custom systems). 


In the example below, Cost Code-Tier 1 represents the former 'Division' concept in the MasterFormat. In addition, Cost Code-Tier 2 represents the former cost code concept. In Work Breakdown Structure, they are now simply tiers in the 'Cost Code' segment, which is simply one segment in the budget code structure. See What is a budget code structure in Procore's WBS?

How to find the 'Division' in the Procore's Project Financials Tool

If you are using Procore's default 'Cost Code' segment, the 'Cost Code Tier 1' option is the equivalent of the legacy 'Division' option. The table below shows you where you can find the Tier 1 'Cost Code' segment in Procore's Project Financials tools.

Details... Project Tool Location Example
The 'Division' option is now the 'Cost Code Tier 1' option in the Group menu.  Budget Group menu group-cost-code-tier-1.png
The 'Division' option is now the 'Cost Code Tier 1' in the Filter menu.  Budget Filter menu budget-division-filter-menu.png
The 'Division' is now included as part of the budget code in the 'Description' column of the project's budget.

Note: In a budget code, tiered segments are delimited by a dash (-) and segments are delimited by a period (.).
Budget Division column budget-division-description-column.png