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Procore's Company level Inspections tool provides your organization with easy way to create a comprehensive set of boilerplate inspection checklists that can be reused and customized on individual construction projects. With this tool, you first classify your templates by inspection type. For example, you might want to create types for Flood Certification, Footing, Framing, Lot Grading, Water/Sewer, and more. Then you can build out each template, dividing your list into sections and adding detailed line items to ensure you don't miss a single requirement.

  • Create standardized inspection templates that can be customized at the project-level to capture specific project requirements.
  • Divida las listas de verificación en secciones lógicas y agregue partidas para capturar todos los requisitos especializados asociados con cada tipo de inspección.
  • Add the templates created here to the Projects level Inspections tool and then tailor the project checklist to suit your specific project needs. See Inspections (Project Level).
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